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What is Painting

Paints are coatings of fluid materials which are applied as a final finish to surfaces like walls, ceiling, wood and metal works. The painting process includes preparing pre-formed material, base coating, drying, overlay coating and drying and the methods used to do these steps vary based on the different coatings and requirements.


Painting is done to protect the surface from environmental effects, to prevent the wood from decay and metal from corrosion, to provide a decorative finish and to obtain a clean, hygienic and healthy living atmosphere.

Sub-stages of Painting

Painting is made up of various sub-stages like:

External painting
External painting
Internal painting
Internal painting

Perfect time to Start

Winter season is the best time for external paint application. However, internal paint can be applied at any time of the year.

Time required to complete the Substructure:


Approx. 16 days for a 750 sq. ft. home and approx. 21 days for a 1000 sq. ft. home

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