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Ready-Mix Concrete

With more than 50+ plants across India, we are one of the leading industry players in the Ready-mix Concrete (RMX) industry. As a preferred partner, we provide concrete solutions to developers, small contractors, builders, architects, government agencies, and individual home builders at large. Nuvoco is proud to have contributed to landmark projects – Nazrul Tirtha, Lodha World One, Amritsar Entry Gate, Aquatic Gallery, and several Metro Rail Projects.

We provide assured quality for all our products, which sets them apart from the competition. Our business is driven by innovation. We adhere to the philosophy of developing products which are not only beneficial to mankind but also to the environment. In addition to sustainability and efficiency, our R&D team stresses innovation. It is our commitment to transparency that makes our customers trust us.


Nuvoco’s Concreto range of product is committed to provide performance-based solutions with precisely designed mix, that incorporate the most recent research and development. The product is focused on providing a range of possibilities from which to choose in order to construct the ideal home.


InstaMix is a ready-to-use premixed bag concrete and mortar, designed to ensure convenience, cost-effective and easy construction in any location. You can use InstaMix for brick laying, plastering, and repairs and get a perfect finish each time. For enhanced strength and workability, choose – InstaMix a world-class product made by Construction Development & Innovation centre at Mumbai.


Artiste is a range of decorative concrete that combines the freedom of design with low maintenance and durability. It offers great looks, outstanding performance, and is available in a wide variety of textures and colours.


Ecodure is a revolutionary range of green concrete that reduces carbon footprints at every stage of construction process. The versatility of concrete has made it the most used material on Earth, after water. Concrete is the most reliable and widely used building material with multiple technical benefits like stability, fire & water resistance and economical ability to cast into desired shape.


X-Con is a standard concrete. It is a mixture of cement, water, sand and aggregates which include 10 and 20 mm stones or gravels. It starts from Grade – M5 to M45. Nuvoco currently has 52 RMX plants pan India in 35 cities. Our ready mix products are trusted alike by large developers, small contractors, builders, architects, government agencies, and IHBs building their first dream home. There are three reasons why ours is the most preferred ready-mix concrete in India: (a) Assured Quality (b) Always Innovative (c) Trust and Transparency


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