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What is Masonry Construction?

Masonry consists of building structures by laying individual masonry units (brick, concrete block, stone, etc.). Normally, the masonry units are laid with cement mortar which binds them together to create a structure.


Masonry construction can provide beautiful walls but due to the individual masonry units, Masonry Construction tends to be quite labour intensive.

Sub-stages of Masonry Construction

Masonry Construction is made up of various sub-stages like:

Masonry in rooms
Masonry in rooms
Masonry on terrace
Masonry on terrace

Perfect time to Start

Masonry construction can be done at any time of the year in India provided the below measures are followed:

Bricks, Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks in Masonry Construction

Bricks, blocks, fly ash bricks, etc. should be immersed in water at least 12 hours before starting Masonry Construction so that the material becomes sufficiently water-saturated

Window and Door Openings in Masonry Walls

Provide lintels and coping above window and door openings in Masonry walls to reduce cracks around openings

Time required to complete the Substructure:


Approx. 15 days for a 750 sq. ft. home and approx. 20 days for a 1000 sq. ft. home.



Water absorption in masonry construction

The most common challenge during masonry construction is the absorption of water from cement mortar by the bricks.

Solutions by Nuvo Nirmaan

Nuvo Nirmaan has various products that can be used for Masonry Construction. You can select any product as per your requirement.


Concreto cement is versatile and premium slag cement that is well-suited for all types of low, medium and heavy-duty construction applications and gives a better finish to the exterior and interiors of a building. Concreto can be used for varied applications like roofing, foundations, beams, columns, plastering and brickwork. It is specially formulated to provide a denser concrete mix than normal cement. Concreto can also be used for giving better finishing to the exterior and interiors of a building. It comes with 5 star advantage of – Super Strength, Best Freshness, Superior Finish, Lightest Color, Assured Quality.


Duraguard Xtra F2F Cement has been manufactured with advanced F2F technology that protects your construction from foundation to finish due to the added advantage of slag and silicate gel. Slag imparts extra brightness to the shade of cement and silicate increases the inherent strength of the cement of the cement. The cement provides improved workability for the processes of concreting, brickwork, plastering and flooring that makes the construction stronger from foundation to finish.


You can use Double Bull Master Cement – a premium Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) that is produced from the best quality clinker along with fly ash and gypsum. It is engineered with our signature ‘Ummeed Se Zyada’ strength and optimum setting to provide superior Performance, Durability, Setting and Strength.

Note: You can mix Zero M Water Shield with any of the above cement products in given proportions, if you want your R.C.C. elements to have water repellent properties.


Zero M Water Shield

  • It is an integral waterproofing compound mixed with cement at the time of concreting
  • It helps in waterproofing of R.C.C. elements which will be buried inside the ground and subjected to moisture at all times

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