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Why should you use Concreto cement for plastering?

February, 03 2024

Plastering is an important process in construction that involves the application of several layers of mortars to the exposed surfaces of brick walls. This technique helps create a strong foundation for any building project. Plastering ensures a smooth, level surface which is ideal for paint application. It also gives a consistent and even finish that allows builders to explore various designs and textures.

The process of plastering is both straightforward and swift, making it an excellent choice for timely renovation projects. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of surface cracks, ensuring a flawless finish. 

Concreto is one of the most well-known names in the cement industry. It is a diverse product that can be used across different parts of a construction project, including roofing, brickwork and foundations. It is widely used for plastering. Here, we share some of the useful insights on the benefits of using Concreto cement for plastering: 

  1. Super strength – 

The strength of the cement plays a role in determining whether it can stand up to external stresses. The strength of the  cement can ensure that the plastered surface remains undamaged over significant periods. Concreto offers incredible strength, which is a great quality in a cement for plastering. The cement has lower heat of hydration, which ensures that it can resist thermal cracks. 

  1. Impressive finish –

Concreto gives a flawless finish to the surfaces, giving it a better aesthetic appeal. The smoother finish is because of the fine particle size and easier workability of the cement. The fine particles offer a smooth texture to the walls and reduce the risk of any imperfections. Also, Concreto’s easier workability ensures that it is convenient to apply. 

  1. Assured quality – 

When plastering, the quality of cement is crucial because it directly influences the durability and strength of the plaster. High-quality cement ensures a stronger bond, reducing the risk of cracks and degradation over time. Concreto exceeds all of the BIS industry standards because of the high-quality manufacturing process and materials used in its production.

  1. Enhanced initial setting properties –

Concreto cement has an impressive initial setting time (IST) and final setting time (FST). The cement structures have an IST ranging between 150 and 200 minutes. Its FST is not more than 300 minutes. These metrics are ideal for construction projects in Indian conditions. 

  1. Lightest colour – 

The cement colour can seem like an insignificant detail, but it plays a role in the final appearance of the surface. Concreto has one of the lightest colours which makes it perfect for plastering. Walls plastered with Conreto  reflect more light and make the space feel airier and open. 

Looking for the best cement company for plastering in India?

Explore Concreto cement. It is a versatile and premium slag cement suitable for a wide range of construction applications. It is particularly well-suited for low, medium, and heavy-duty construction. It gives superior finish to both the exterior and interiors of buildings. The highly consistent cement arrives in tamper-proof Adstar packaging. The cement also requires less water for mixing, which ensures easier workability.