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Why is Duraguard Microfiber Cement a high performance cement?

December, 06 2023

Duraguard Microfibre is a next-generation PPC variant and is a popular choice amongst homeowners. That is primarily because it is a high performance cement, which means that constructions with this cement are durable and strong. But, why is the Duraguard Microfibre so effective in ensuring overall robustness of construction? Here, we share some of the characteristics that make Duraguard Microfibre a high performance cement.


  1. Microfibre reinforcement:

The biggest reason for the cement’s enhanced strength and performance is its microfibre technology. These microfibers act as tiny reinforcements, giving the cement enduring resistance to seepage, moisture, shrinkage, and thermal cracking over an extended period.

  1. A dense ‘sand-cement’ matrix:

By utilising a sophisticated air separator, the optimal Particle Size Distribution is achieved. This process guarantees a highly dense ‘sand-cement’ matrix, which is key to the cement’s enhanced strength and superior performance.

  1. Efficient blending: 

During production, distinct components such as clinker, gypsum, and fly ash are individually fed into the ball mill. This approach to blending maximises efficiency and results in a consistently uniform final product.

  1. Microfiber dosing system:

Our specialised microfiber dosing system is designed to blend microfibers at precisely calibrated levels, a technique developed through comprehensive research. This precision blending contributes to the cement’s improved performance and long-lasting durability.

  1. High-quality fly ash 

The fly ash used in this cement is of premium quality, sourced through electrostatic precipitation from select locations. The fly ash adheres to stringent quality criteria and plays a crucial role in enhancing the cement’s overall quality and performance.


Duraguard Microfibre Cement is a highly versatile and effective construction material that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re laying the foundation for a new building, plastering walls, or casting a roof, Duraguard Microfibre Cement is an excellent choice. One of the key benefits of this innovative material is that it provides long-lasting protection against micro-cracks, helping to extend the life of structures and reduce maintenance costs. With Duraguard Microfibre Cement, you can be confident that your construction projects will be built to last.

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