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Duraguard Xtra Cement

Developed with the revolutionary ‘Superset Technology’ Duraguard Xtra uses an optimum amount of water to lend the cement enhanced workability, high compaction and optimum setting time through a unique ball-bearing mechanism.

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Duraguard Xtra Cement



What is the price of Duraguard Xtra Cement?

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Is Duraguard Xtra suitable for residential construction?

Where can I purchase Duraguard Xtra?

Is Duraguard Xtra environmentally friendly?

How can I get technical support or further assistance regarding Duraguard Xtra?

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Why is the aggregate/cement ratio important, and how does Duraguard Xtra impact it?

What is the significance of the size and shape of aggregates when using Duraguard Xtra?

How does the grading of cement particles and aggregates affect high-density concrete/mortar?

What role does the surface texture of cement particles and aggregates play when using Duraguard Xtra?

Can the addition of admixtures further optimize workability when using Duraguard Xtra?

Is Duraguard Xtra suitable for both residential and commercial construction projects?

Does Duraguard Xtra require any special mixing or handling instructions?

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