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FAQs on Concreto UNO Cement

October, 20 2023

Concreto UNO is a high-quality cement that not only helps in durable construction but also ensures complete water protection. It prevents efflorescence, water ingress and dampness. However, before homeowners proceed with the construction with this cement, they should consider all of its properties. Here, we share some of the FAQs on Concreto UNO Cement: 

  1. What are the areas of application for Concreto UNO cement?

Concreto UNO  by Nuvoco, one of the best cement manufacturers in India, is used in different areas of a house for its unique properties. They are – 

  • Roof: This cement ensures it can keep water ingress at bay when used to construct the roof. 
  • Foundation: Due to its inherent strength, Concreto UNO is a great choice for the foundation of homes. The cement keeps the foundation steady, ensuring the home does not tilt or dip into the soil. 
  • Concrete: As part of reinforced concrete, the cement lends its enhanced strength to any structure.   
  • Internal and external plastering: The appearance of the cement, along with the exquisite finish it provides, makes it one of the best options for plastering.
  1. What are the five major advantages of using Concreto UNO?

Concreto UNO offers the following five advantages –

  • Super strength: The incredible strength of the cement ensures constructions have structural integrity. 
  • Best freshness: The use of a laminated AdStar bag keeps the cement highly fresh so that it can hydrate and set perfectly.
  • Lightest colour: Concreto UNO cement is almost white. This colour makes it an ideal choice for plastering. 
  • Superior finish: The cement also provides an incredible finish to structures.
  • Assured quality: Nuvoco is known for its quality cement products and Concreto UNO is no different. 
  1. Is Concreto UNO cement PSC or PPC?

Concreto UNO Cement is a premium slag cement (PSC). PSC cements are known to be highly durable and offer enhanced protection against chemical degradation.

  1. What is the setting time for Concreto UNO cement?

The initial setting time for the cement is between 150 and 200 minutes. When it comes to the final setting time, it is 300 minutes.

  1. What are the differentiating factors between Concreto UNO and other cements?

Concreto UNO primarily sets itself apart by preventing water ingress and dampness. The cement also ensures a smoother finish that can help keep off water-related damage and provides protection against waterborne environmental pollutants. The durable and tough cement is not only known for its strength but also enhances the building structure’s paint life.

Looking for high-quality cement from the best cement manufacturers in India?

Explore Concreto Uno cement. It uses advanced technology to prevent water damage, dampness, and efflorescence, making it more durable. It is suitable for all construction applications and provides a better finish for exteriors and interiors.  It avoids thermal cracks by maintaining low hydration heat.

You can also explore other cements by Nuvoco. Each of the high-quality cements come with unique features and properties.