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Concreto UNO Cement

* Currently available in select markets of India

CONCRETO UNO is manufactured using advanced technology which protects the house from water ingress, dampness, and efflorescence, resulting in higher durability resistance and better surface finish protection from harmful waterborne environmental pollutants thereby increasing the structure’s paint life and durability.

With Quality at the core of the organisation’s philosophy along with Innovation and Trust; CONCRETO UNO cement is produced through state-of-the-art technology to prevent water ingress, protect reinforcements through the formation of insoluble coating over steel bars and enhance the overall life of the structure. The special mix of CONCRETO UNO ensures an improved damp lock process and a faster pace of construction without compromising on strength. It is a unique product in the premium segment and comes in an Ad Star bag

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Concreto UNO Films

Areas of Application

Concreto UNO provides improved workability for the process of concreting,
foundation and plastering.
Concreto UNO Cement



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