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Why is ready-mix concrete considered a time-saving option?

February, 05 2024

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a factory according to specific standards and specifications. They are then delivered to a worksite by mixer trucks. Ready-mix concrete greatly speeds up construction projects. As a result, they are often used instead of traditional concrete at many construction sites. Faster construction reduces costs and ensures quicker project completion. Here, we share some of the reasons why ready-mix concrete is considered a time-saving option:  

  1. Precision in mixing:

Ready-mix concrete is premixed in controlled settings. This method ensures tight control and accuracy in the proportions of each material. On-site mixing of correct cement, sand, water, and additive amounts is time-consuming and error-prone. With ready-mix concrete, there’s no need for on-site adjustments and trial batches. 

  1. Less equipment setup:

The absence of on-site mixing for ready-mix concrete means contractors do not need to set up specific equipment for this task. They also do not need to allocate mixing areas at the construction site. These factors play a key role in speeding up the construction.

  1. On-demand availability:

Contractors can easily access ready-mix concrete, with the necessary quantity delivered directly to the site. This allows contractors to focus on building without distractions from material mixing. Having concrete always available aids workflow maintenance and reduces delay risks.

  1. Minimised waste:

Ready-mix concrete arrives in bags at construction sites. This approach lowers the risk of resource wastage, a common issue with on-site mixing. Disposing of wasted resources and site cleanup can be time-consuming and costly.

Looking for reputed ready-mix concrete suppliers?

Explore ready-mix concrete collection by Nuvoco. With over 50+plants nationwide, Nuvoco is a key player providing comprehensive concrete solutions. Their research and development team places a strong emphasis on sustainability and efficiency. 

Nuvoco offers a wide range of ready mix concrete solutions. The Concreto range offers performance based solutions and ensures durable constructions. The InstaMix range is known for its incredible ease of use and cost-effectiveness. This particular concrete can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as brick laying, plastering and repairs. 

The Artiste range is primarily used to add decorative elements in the construction. The concrete is available in various textures and colours, which can allow you to optimise the concrete selection based on your specific needs. 

The Ecodure range is manufactured while keeping sustainability in mind. Lastly, X-Con is a standard concrete that includes cement, sand, water and aggregates. This product assures quality and showcases an innovative approach to concrete production.