The Importance of Using Sustainable Building Materials

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The Importance of Using Sustainable Building Materials

April, 20 2023

A growing concern for the environment, coupled with advances in technology and design, has led to a new way of thinking about construction—one that is sustainable and earth-friendly.Sustainable construction involves creating buildings in a way that reduces their environmental impact. The idea behind sustainable construction is to reduce the building’s impact on the environment—during its entire life cycle – spanning from the design and construction phase to the operation and demolition of the building.

 Sustainable construction has several benefits: 

  • It reduces the environmental impact of the building
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Promotes water conservation
  • Reduces the overall operational cost of a building (reduced electricity and water bill)
  • Creates a healthy environment indoors. 

Different techniques and practices are implemented to achieve sustainable buildings. They  include: 

Here we will discuss the importance of using sustainable building materials: 

  1. Environmental impact: During the production and transportation of traditional construction  materials there tends to be a considerable amount of waste generated which can be harmful. Made from renewable resources with a lower carbon footprint, sustainable building materials reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Additionally, it minimises the negative impact on natural resources and ecosystems.
  2. Health impact: Usually, conventional building materials emit harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air. These can affect indoor air quality and in turn human health. Sustainable building materials are non-toxic, low in VOCs, and have a positive impact on indoor air quality.
  3. Economic impact: Because sustainable building materials can reduce long-term maintenance costs and increase energy efficiency, they are being increasingly preferred for construction projects. They also increase the value of a property. Additionally, by reducing energy consumption and maintenance and other associated costs, they provide financial benefits to building owners/occupants. 
  4. Social impact: When building materials are being sourced locally, it supports the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint that is associated with transportation. Sustainable building practices also create jobs and skill development opportunities in green construction industries.

The concept of sustainable construction is growing in popularity and importance, thus creating better opportunities for the industry.

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