Plinth level construction: Do you need columns if you have load-bearing walls

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Plinth level construction: Do you need columns if you have load-bearing walls?

January, 15 2023

A plinth level is a base upon which columns or structure rests.  It is the line that differentiates the substructure and superstructure. The plinth level of a building is an essential foundation that plays a critical role in any structure’s longevity.  It protects the building from rainwater infiltration. Its presence ensures that water damage is minimised. If you are getting your home built and wondering do you need columns if you have load-bearing walls, here are some insights on plinth level construction that you might find useful: 

  1. What are load bearing structures?

Load bearing structures are designed to safely transmit the load to the subsoil foundation, such as the resisting self-weight, weight of upper floors, and roofs and walls. Load bearing structures can be used for various functions, from sub-dividing spaces to creating thermal and acoustic insulation. The immense weight of these walls plays an important role in holding everything together and stabilising the building against external forces such as strong winds and earthquakes.

  1. What can be gained by replacing load-bearing walls?

Removing load-bearing walls can dramatically impact the look of your home. Here are some of its benefits: 

  • More light is available: In addition to the open floor plan feel, you will notice more natural light streaming into the room without walls. With proper placement and use of artificial lighting, such as floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures, you can transform the space into another bright and inviting atmosphere.
  • Space looks spacious: Removing a wall creates an amazing visual effect that makes clever use of the space, allowing it to appear larger than before. The illusion of more space makes entertaining more enjoyable – the openness adds an effortless grandeur.
  1. What is the difference between load bearing structure and framed structure?
  • Load-bearing structure: Load-bearing structure is a fundamental concept that allows structures to bear the weight of roofs and provide them with stability during instances of lateral movements, such as storms and earthquakes. This system relies on two main elements; walls which provide support from above, and strong foundations, which will bear most of the load below ground. A wall-bearing structure transfers strength through its walls from the roof down to lower floors before distributing it into the foundation.
  • Framed structure: Framed structures are essential to building construction, particularly when dealing with high forces caused by wind or seismic activity. By combining columns, beams, and slabs, these structures can counter the structure’s weight. As the structure needs to remain standing even in dynamic environmental events, all elements of each framed structure must be correctly connected to reinforce each other.
  1. What are beams and columns?
  • Beams: Beams transfer the massive load of a structure to its vertical load-bearing elements. For supporting the weight of floors, roofs of buildings, and ceilings, beams are essential as they act as a bridge from heavy materials such as brick walls or stone or to lighter ones such as steel frames or wood.
  • Columns: Columns are essential structural elements in many buildings, from ancient monuments to contemporary skyscrapers. Without the rigidity of columns, many structures would be unable to stand upright and remain standing for extended periods of time.
  1. Do you need columns if you have load-bearing walls?

No, you don’t need columns when you have load-bearing walls. Load bearing walls are designed in a way that the loads are transferred to the foundation through walls. It doesn’t need beams and columns. 

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