Questions to ask before starting the discussions on house plans

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Important questions to ask before starting the discussions on house plans with interior designers: useful insights for homeowners

February, 09 2023

Designing your own home is an incredible opportunity to create a space that’s perfectly suited to your preferences and lifestyle. An interior designer plays quite an important role in helping you choose the right house plan. A house plan is a graphical representation of what a house will look like after construction. Whether you want two story house plans and bungalow house plans, interior designers can help you turn your dream into reality. However, before you meet interior designers to discuss house plans, it’s important to be clear what  you really want and need. Here we share with you important questions that you must ask yourself before starting the discussions on house plans: 

Question 1: Who all will be living in the house? 

In order to zero in on a house plan, you need to consider how big or small your family is. When deciding the number of bedrooms, do consider live-in grandparents, children, pets and live-in help the au pair. Remember each family will have their own needs. For instance, the needs of a retired couple with adult children leaving will be different from a young couple with small children. 

Note: Also, keep your lifestyle in mind. If you love entertaining or hosting overnight guests, a guest room should be factored into the design scheme. 

Question 2: How are you planning to use the space? 

Understand how you will use the space. For instance, will the kitchen be small and only be used for cooking or will it have a breakfast area or an island counter where family can eat. Will the guest room also double as a study or a home office? Do you keep the washing machine in the kitchen or will you be creating a separate laundry space? center, or a play area.

Question 3: Is it a holiday home? 

If you are planning to build a holiday home, keep into account the season and time of the year when you will be visiting the most. Is it a

year-round residence, or a weekend or summer home? 

Question 4: What is your preferred interior decor style? 

When it comes to interior design styles,  it can be a bit difficult to choose one. There are times when you will be drawn by different decor styles or you will want to replicate what’s trending. Therefore, before you meet interior designers, start spending time on cultivating your decor style. To choose a design style, explore image sharing websites and architectural magazines. Take printouts of what  matches your personality, looks beautiful and at the same time, makes you happy.  

Question 5: Does the home need any special accessibility design elements? 

If you have elderly parents, you might want to include wide corridors, ramps and zero-step entryways to make your home more accessible. 

Question 6: Is environmental consciousness a concern?

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and get the most efficiency out of your home, eco-friendly house plans  are worth considering. Interior designers can help you come up with designs that take the orientation of the sun and natural light into account so that you can reduce your energy consumption. Interior designers can also help choose sustainable construction materials. 

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