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FAQs on maximising vertical space in a small space house design

December, 29 2023

When designing for small spaces, it’s crucial to use every inch wisely. A smart approach is to use the vertical space. Vertical space refers to the area stretching from a house’s floor to its ceiling. Although often overlooked, with a little creativity, this space can serve both decorative and practical storage needs.

Here, we answer some of the common questions about utilising vertical spaces in compact homes.

  1. What is the significance of vertical space in compact homes? 

Using vertical space in compact homes can significantly transform the living experience. For instance, to maximise storage possibilities and keep areas tidy and organised, you can incorporate shelves, cupboards, or hooks vertically. In order to create a more open and clutter-free living space, storage and other items might be moved higher. Also, vertical space can be used to hang decorative objects such as artwork, photos, or other items to personalise and improve the look of the space. Tall windows and other vertical design components can improve ventilation and natural light. In addition to freeing up floor space, mounting devices such as TVs and sound systems on walls or above fireplaces may give a room a more contemporary appearance. 

  1. What are vertical gardens? How do they save space? 

Vertical gardens maximise the use of vertical spaces that might otherwise remain unused. They offer a method to introduce greenery into both indoor and outdoor spaces without occupying valuable floor areas. This is especially significant in urban settings where traditional gardening space is often scarce​. Also, vertical spaces provide additional areas to display artwork, photographs, or decorative items. 

  1. How can I optimise vertical space in small kitchens? 

Using vertical space effectively in small kitchens is essential to keeping the area clutter-free. For storage of necessary items such as pots, pans, and their lids, wall-mounted racks and hooks can be installed. To keep larger utensils within reach, an overhead pot rack is a good option. To make the most of the vertical space, it is a good idea to choose tall cabinetry that reaches the ceiling. 

  1. Can I use vertical space in rooms with low ceilings? 

Yes, you can add vertical elements in rooms with low ceilings. You can install hooks on the walls to hang everyday items such as bags, coats, or hats. Also, opt for tall, slender furniture pieces overbroad, short ones. It creates a sense of height while providing additional vertical storage options. Furthermore, decorating walls with artwork, photos, or other decor elements arranged vertically can draw the eye upward. You can also add vertical lines into the room’s design through tall bookcases or wallpaper with a vertical pattern. These strategies not only create additional storage but also give the room a taller feel, despite the low ceiling constraint.

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